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Ongoing financial planning & family wealth management

Comprehensive financial planning is like having satellite navigation, nautical charts, and a navigator to get you through uncharted territory.

We take a life-centric approach to discovering who you are and where you want to be. We will set goals based on your priorities and aspirations. We will identify potential obstacles so that you never get off course. 

Planning with us is a four step process that follows the tenets of appreciative financial planning:



An introductory call and discovery consultation to learn your strengths, successes, personal, and professional values. This gives us the opportunity to determine if we’re a good fit and provide you insight to your financial wellbeing.



We’ll layout different options with their anticipated outcomes. We’ll establish action items and receive your feedback to help determine which course to take, then share timelines and metrics that empowers you to achieve your goals. We'll also build a policy with guidelines to keep your portfolio on track and manage emotions during the ups and downs.



Articulate your values and objectives to answer the “what are we trying to achieve” and “why” questions. We establish your time horizon and capacity, appetite, towards risks and your vision for your career, family, and future. We will identify goals and objectives to create an actionable strategy.



After you choose your plan, We'll periodically check in on your progress. This allows you to identify what’s working and what's not, re-balance the portfolio to within design confines. We'll adjust your strategy as-needed and communicate any progress to make sure you never get off course.

Once your course is set, we will continue to help you on your financial journey. When things change, we will help you adjust your course to align with your desired path.

You’ll have ongoing access to our services for questions, to share in life’s joys and challenges, or to be a sounding board.

We will go on the adventure with you.

Here are some ideas for topics to discuss

We help you find the right schools, navigate the college enrollment experience, and establish how to pay for college.

We provide consulting to small business owners, people that want to start a business, and key professionals.


We help you decide how you want to approach retirement no matter your age or what your goals are. 

We’ll analyze your portfolio to see if it’s serving your financial interests. 

Avoid pitfalls, be efficient, and stay compliant.

Important life milestones like a new home, vacation, adoption, charity, financial independence, or early retirement (FIRE).

Special needs planning for elder care for you and your loved ones.

Determine what obstacles can set you back and whether you need an insurance audit to understand how to protect your family, income, property or business.

Achieve long-term goals for the benefit of your loved ones. Maintain control.

Get help making important career decisions like employer change, career change, or new-hire negotiations. 

Investment Management


Because we hope that we’ll be rewarded for the risks we take, which in turn, will accelerate our saving ability or income potential.

When we think about the “market” and investing we feel exhilaration (and sometimes trepidation) at the prospect of potential growth. It is a simple truth that investing will likely help you outpace inflation and achieve your goals sooner, but only if you have a good strategy.

WE DO NOT time the market. We make thoughtful portfolios to achieve long-term goals. Even Warren Buffett, the stock-picking “Oracle of Omaha,” believes market timing is a waste of time.

The market is efficient and is priced for all information that’s out there. We believe in letting the market work for us. We will achieve success through global diversification, controlling taxes, costs, and adhering to a thoughtful, personal strategy.

How much it costs

Some say that financial planning is for people that already have money or people that already have their finances figured out. We disagree.

Regardless of your perspective or personal voyage,  you deserve great financial advice and access to planning.

We charge a blended rate on the assets we manage and there is no minimum account size.

The minimum annual fee to work with me for any ongoing relationship is: $5,000

This is billed monthly or quarterly. We accept electronic funds transfers, checks, or direct billing for assets we manage.

Investment Management Fees

1.25% of AUM up to $1M
1.00% of AUM from $1M-2M
0.75% at $2M or >

The AFWM Difference

Ahead Full Wealth Management is different because you’re at the helm. We’re all about empowering you to feel confident about your financial decisions and the direction your life is going.

Partnering with Ahead Full is about designing a life you’re excited to live. We’re not here to sell you, we’re here to motivate you and move you forward.

Two quotes that shape my perception of wealth:

“Wealth is the ability to fully experience life.”

– Henry David Thoreau

“Money is only a tool. It will take you wherever you wish, but will not replace you as the driver.”

– Ayn Rand

No matter what your income, True Wealth is living each day with contentment, spending time with loved ones, having adventures, and excitement for what’s to come.

Ready to be more money savvy, and manage your investments so that you can live your life with excellence?