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Is DOD SkillBridge Worth It?

SkillBridge is a program where a transitioning military member can spend up to their last 6 months on active duty working for a civilian company to help with their transition.
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The Ultimate Guide to SAVE Student Loan Repayment Program – Take Control of Your Debt!

Uncover effective strategies to tackle your student debt through the SAVE student loan repayment plan. Learn about loan qualifications, repayment calculation, and financial tactics to regain control of your debt.
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5 Roth Moves: 2 Warnings & 1 Opportunity

Split your mixed retirement plan to traditional and Roth = OK. Do a backdoor Roth conversion with no other IRAs = OK. Do a backdoor Roth conversion when you have
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Does Your Business Want a Deduction?

If you're a sole proprietor, in a partnership, or LLC, would you like another deduction so you can pay less tax? Let's figure out this new Qualified Business Income Deduction
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Is Cash Flow Keeping You Up At Night?

WHAT DO SMALL BUSINESSES AND FAMILIES HAVE IN COMMON? Apparently, that’s cash flow! I know that standing at our kitchen counter holding the utilities bills, we have that thought; “ugh,
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What I Do & What I’d like to do - Ahead full Wealth Managment

What I Do & What I’d like to do

In this dialogue, I’m going to describe some of the things I’m doing in my financial world. Like many of you my family falls into the demographic of married couple,
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