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I'll help you chart a financial course so you can head full steam towards your goals.

My Approach

As a fiduciary, I have a moral and a legal obligation to do what’s in your best interest–every time. I am not transactional and I don’t receive commissions of any kind, so there is no rush to sell you anything. I am committed to making sure every meeting has value.

Sometimes it helps to turn to someone with a financial compass who understands the nuances of wealth management. As an experienced professional, I value sharing my knowledge in a caring, accessible, and useful way. 

My Story

I was born in Virginia and grew up splitting my time between Cape Cod, Massachusetts, and Virginia. I spent winters playing hockey and snowboarding, but spring and summer were when the Cape was like Heaven on Earth: golf, ponds, beaches, and hockey were five minutes away! Don’t forget New England pro sports!

After attending Bryant University, where I studied business management and psychology, I put my newly acquired degree to work by joining the world’s greatest Navy. I served onboard nuclear-powered submarines in the Engineering Department and was a Navy-qualified scuba diver. I found quick success by taking pride in my job and contributing to my team.

Sadly, my Navy endeavor came to an end after being diagnosed with two types of cancer and being medically retired. Just a couple weeks after my diagnoses (same day, different doctors, twice the fun) my wife Erin, a high school teacher, had our first daughter. Now, it was really time to put that degree to use.

I embarked on a new journey as a financial advisor with a major insurance provider and broker-dealer. My second daughter was born and our family became complete, and Disney trips ensued! While managing the planning and investments for my team, I continued my education and achieved the Certified Financial Planner® professional designation, Enrolled Agent, Chartered Financial Counselor, and am certified in Long Term Care.

My education has taken me as high as earning my Master’s Degree in Advanced Financial Planning, concentrating in Taxation. My next educational journey is the pursuit of my Ph.D so that I can be best equipped to communicate, educate, and create new, practical knowledge.

About you

You are the young business owner, transitioning service member, the mom and dad that loves to see the world blossom for your kids.

You want to be immersed in your family, community, business, and your career, but would love to become more money savvy, and live your dream life.

We might be a good fit if you’re one of these types:

  • you get excited by the possibilities in your own life
  • you are willing to take action if there’s a better way
  • you are busy, but happy to delegate or ask for help 
  • you want to make a difference in someone else’s life

Think of me as a part of your ship’s navigation team–together, we’ll chart a course that gets you to your financial destination.


Let's connect and work together to make your financial dreams a reality.