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For people starting out, those who need occasional help, or those who just want a second opinion.

How it Works

We can work together on an hourly or per-project basis, covering one or two topics, like planning for college or retirement, or how to take control of your cash flow and debt.

We’ll build a comprehensive plan that you can run with! You’ll still get the education and experience of a professional, but you get to be in charge of implementation.

What this looks like:

Let’s say you’re super busy, have some debt, have some kids, have some dreams, but aren’t ready to dive in the deep end yet.

We’ll meet and chat about what to tackle, like cash flow, budgeting, or debt optimization .

We’ll chat about your “why’s” to identify your motivating goals and you’ll complete a quick questionnaire to capture the nitty-gritty data.

Together, we’ll explore what’s going on and build a strategy to get you on track. After you’ve had time to live in the plan, I’ll reach out to see how it’s working for you. Additionally, you’ll have the opportunity to reach out with questions as part of the engagement.

In a couple of hours, we can drastically improve your approach to finances!


Work with me on an hourly or per-project basis.

$200 per hour